Dr David Skellern AO
Dr David Skellern AO

Dr David Skellern is currently the Chair of the Rozetta Institute (formerly the CMCRC), and a Director of its venture fund Rozetta Ventures. David worked in radioastronomy for 10 years and taught electronics at Sydney and Macquarie Universities for 16 years before co-founding Radiata in 1997. Built on joint research done by Macquarie University and the CSIRO, the company demonstrated the world’s first chip-set implementation of the 54 Mbit/s IEEE 802.11a High-Speed WLAN standard. Radiata was sold to US giant Cisco Systems in 2001 for $565 million. Dr Skellern joined the Board of National ICT Australia in 2003 and became its Chief Executive Officer in 2005. 

Andreas Furche
Dr Andreas Furche

Andreas is a Director of InfiniGold, the Rozetta Institute (formerly the CMCRC) and its venture fund Rozetta Ventures. Originally a Software Engineer by trade, Andreas has been involved in the development of financial technology start-up companies for 20 years. As CEO of SMARTS, he drove the development of a global standard for market surveillance, which was adopted by many stock exchanges, securities regulators, and banks. SMARTS was acquired by Nasdaq in 2010. He first started to look at the concept of electronic cash at University in the 1990's and was involved in David Chaum's original DigiCash. 

Steve Bellotti
Steve Bellotti

Steve has worked in leadership roles in financial markets for over 30 years managing fixed income (including rates, credit and derivatives), foreign exchange, cash equities and derivatives, and debt and equity capital markets businesses, including at Managing Director level for over 22 years. He has built global markets operations for Merrill Lynch and Dresdner Kleinwort in London, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore and was formerly MD Global Markets & Loans, ANZ Bank, and MD Head of Global Markets, Dresdner Kleinwort Group. 

Andreas Ruf
Andreas Ruf

Andreas is the CEO of InfiniGold, and has been involved in managing and growing technology start-up companies in Australia and Europe for over 20 years. He has been working in various management roles at the Capital Markets CRC and for several of the institute’s commercialisation projects. As Managing Director of Smarts Broker he drove the international expansion of what is today the global standard for trade surveillance. His passion for the digitisation of assets and electronic cash was kindled when working for David Chaum's original DigiCash in the 1990s.

Jelte programmer extroadinaire
Jelte van der Hoek

Jelte has spent most of his working life building truly innovative and solid financial technology. As CTO of a number of specialist companies, Jelte has built operating systems for smart card chips, card and terminal technology for the major card schemes, and backend systems for card issuers, and stored value technology. Jelte was also one of the first team members of the company that first attempted to commercialise electronic cash - David Chaum's DigiCash in the 1990's.

Sean McCawley team profile
Sean McCawley

Sean is the CEO of Rozetta Ventures, the commercialisation and investment arm of the Rozetta Institute (formerly the Capital Markets CRC). He has been an executive at major banks and financial services companies with experience in strategy, M&A and program management, and has been involved in numerous startups including as the CEO of a digital fan engagement platform.

Bob Tucker
Bob Tucker

Bob has over 25 years of experience managing businesses for leading financial institutions and asset managers, including Barclays Capital, Bank Austria Creditanstalt, Man Investments and ANZ Bank. Most recently, Bob was the Head of Business Management for the Global Markets and Institutional Loans division of ANZ Bank. Bob has been directly involved in a number of early stage ventures, from start-up phase through to IPO.

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