INFINIGOLD is digital gold


InfiniGold allows investors to buy, sell and hold physical gold stored at The Perth Mint - one of the world's largest refining mints - in a digital form



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InfiniGold launched PMGT as the first digital gold token on a public blockchain backed by government guaranteed gold.

PMGT allows you to conveniently trade and hold gold stored at The Perth Mint on the blockchain. Digitally manage your entitlements over the physical gold, convert and pick up gold bullion of your choice or get it delivered globally.

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InfiniGold uses proprietary technology to issue digital certificates giving investors guaranteed ownership of specific stores of physical gold stored in The Perth Mint.

InfiniGold certificates are portable, valuable and fungible. Gold is bought and sold in real time, based upon the spot price of gold at The Perth Mint.

Issued InfiniGold certificates are stored within a digital vault on the owner's mobile device. They are accessible only by the owner, and always verifiable against the Mint ledger.

How does it work?

InfiniGold is an intelligent gold business solution for institutions to offer to their clients
InfiniGold enables investors to Buy, Sell and Trade physical gold at The Perth Mint, in real time
InfiniGold technology creates secure digital certificates, backed by physical gold

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Certificates represent gold stored at The Perth Mint, backed by a AA rated Government Guarantee
InfiniGold gives your clients access to a highly liquid store of value in a digital form
InfiniGold can be easily added to your institutional product offering and banking platforms

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